The URALAN Energy Monitor

Uralan Energy Monitor

In 2014 we decided to install a measuring system at our company for the improved analysis and monitoring of our power consumption. However, after examining the existing systems, it quickly became clear that a system of our own would best fulfil our expectations. Accompanied by the energy management certification according to DIN ISO 50001, the system was then put into operation in October 2015.

Our requirement of exactly showing at least 70% of our power consumption by source was achieved. On this basis we can now make economically precise decisions. Products or processes are re-evaluated, decisions on new investments are energetically sound and damage to the operation of the machine can be quickly discovered. Transparency in this decisive cost factor has now been considerably improved. The constantly rising power costs can now be exactly analysed and counteracted with improved processes. --- We offer the URALAN® Energy Monitor to interested companies for more efficient energy management.

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