Energy Management

Minimising the ecological footprint

Maximising the energy efficiency with massive investments

To reduce the share of CO2 in the ecological footprint, we continually monitor and optimise our energy balance. URALAN® has set up an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 for this purpose. Combined experience is utilised with external consulting and cooperation in the "energy efficiency" network, in which companies from the region and URALAN's® energy providers are represented. The focus is on

  • Compressed air
  • Heat recovery
  • Lighting
  • Machine control

The suggestion scheme established especially for energy management has produced many approaches from the employee base with which the procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy are coordinated more efficiently. Specific manifestations of the strategic management reactions are

  • Purchasing of machines with greater energy efficiency
  • Conversion of lighting to LED systems
  • Optimisation of the processes concerning energy-related topics

With this approach, URALAN® would like to continue along the path it has embarked on of responsibly using the resources available to it while sustainably reducing the strain on people and the environment in the process.

The URALAN Energy Monitor

Together with a partner, URALAN® has developed the URALAN® Energy Monitor as a tool for our energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2011. It is only possible to carry out continuous strategic, organisational and technical management measures by systematically recording the energy flows from the source to the consumer. The URALAN® Energy Monitor is also available to other companies on request.

» The URALAN® Energy Monitor in detail

Minimise external energy

We use the power of the sun with the establishment of both the region's largest photovoltaic systems and a solar thermal installation. The "Swabian Alb" is one of the sunniest areas in Germany. The efficiency of the systems confirms our decisions for sustainably reducing the strain on the environment.